Friday, March 31, 2006


You are asking yourself big five what?
well this is what our game parks and national parks are famous for.
Having lived in Kenya all my life I must admit I have never to a national/game park officially.(by officially I mean I never paid to get into one).

Let me tell you a short story
I got into the Aberdares (and as a teen)which is about 10 km from my shags home. My friends and I just walked all the way into the forest as there were no electric fences by then. Several kms into the park we saw a very big herd of buffalos spread over a wide area grazing, being wise we just turned back though we had fun with the monkeys along the way.

I have actually seen all the big five but at the orphanage, am not just a little ashamed when I admit to my non Kenyan buddies that I have never to a game park and am sure am not alone. I hope to right this over April/Easter then hopefully climp Mt Kenya soon.

My point is so many Kenyans have never been to thier own parks yet they gleefully gloat about this wildlife they've never seen. There are many reasons for this including disinterest, poverty etc but I don't want to go into that now.
Lately there has been talk of increased domestic tourism and I happy to be part of that (at least I have been to the coast beaches, stayed in a cottage and spent a whole lot of money). So if you are in Kenya take time to see your wildlife if not, put it in your plans when you come visiting. Forget Nairobi nightlife for a while.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Afromusing said...

I hope you enjoy climbing Mt.Kenya, i really want to climb Kili sometime in Dec, [if at all possible i would be interested in reading about your experience on your climb!]Have a great time and ofcourse be safe :)

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