Monday, April 03, 2006


If know Kenyans well you'll know that they will hold to their mobile phones even if its about 10 years old with 10 different faults, thats where the mobile phone tech cash in. People won't believe their phones are done for before they see this technicians.

Believe me, this technicians (techie) know their biz well. Not the phone repair part but the maximising profits part. This guys who are in every street in Nairobi know their customers very well, that is the customers' almost total ignorance about this gadgets. After interracting with this guys I know they guage a good days' work not with the number of phones successfully repaired but on amount of money earned. You cannot survive in this business if you soft hearted, you have to be totally ruthless. you should be able to tell a white lie with a straight face.

Here are some of their antics;

You taken your dead phone, probably after dropping it on the floor or in water, the techie practically salivates as he write you a job card and asks you to come after an hour or a day. He will revive the phone alright but not to your benefit...He connects the good motherboard with all the external gadgets and sells it. A completely dead one replaces yours, when you come back for your phone you are told 'Imekataa kwamka, pole'.

All techies advertise 'Repair and unlocking' but since very few do the actual unblocking ,you are told " Give me an hour" and the guy runs off to the unlocker for a small fee, then he tells you " Done, its really hard work thats why I took all that time".

The techies don't want you to see what they are doing to your phone because most of them don't have a clue about what they are doing. They mostly work on trial and error basis knowing that even if they mess up your phone some more, you will remain clueless.

etc etc......They are just too many.

Next time you see a mobile phone technician in Nairobi, do it at your own risk.

And for you guys abroad who send mobile phones to your folks back home, make sure its not locked to some network. If it is make sure you send the unlocking fee because for some powerful phones, it costs as much as buying a new phone in Kenya.


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